On Turning 30

Disclaimer: The writer of this blog is a member of the millennial generation–entitled, yet underemployed and overwhelmed with debt. 

A few months before turning thirty a pathetic mantra (in Eeyore’s voice) rang persistently in my head: “dead end job, dead end relationship, dead end job, dead end relationship.” On impulse, and in an attempt to silence Eeyore, I bought a new mountain bike. It was a foolish way to spend my money–I live in a room the size of a closet with my dog (I could have put the money toward a new place!), I still owe $10,000 in student loans (every grand counts at this point!), my old Volkswagen is due for another breakdown (she has really bad timing!) and all of my friends are rock climbers (I could have gone on an awesome climbing trip!). But mountain biking was a new activity for me, and turning thirty made me want to try something new!

Maybe I took up mountain biking because I hoped winning trophies would distract me from my student loan debt.

Through this blog, I hope to gather a group of Millennials who are thirty-ish, eager to try new activities (hooray for old dogs doing new tricks!), dedicated to the pursuit of happiness and hopeful about making the world–or at least our communities–a better place. 

But, before silencing Eeyore forever, here’s the Oh Shit, I’m Thirty bad news: biological clocks are ticking, but many of us are just starting to launch our careers, others of us are juggling several jobs at once and most of us are still saddled with a lot of student loan debt. Oh, and by the way, only one in every five of us is married (that’s 42% lower than the Baby Boomers when they were our age). While other generations may be worried about our overall inability to achieve the status quo, a recent Pew Research Study showed that, collectively, we aren’t too worried about the situation. Which brings me to the Oh Shit, I’m Thirty good news: our brains are finally reaching full development, our endurance and athleticism is beginning to peak and companies like Apple and Facebook are allowing us to rethink the pressure of our biological timelines by adding egg freezing to their benefit packages.

I apologize if you hate Bob Dylan, but I really think he said it best… 

If you are happily married with three kids, own your own house, have zero college debt and the GOP won your vote with their wedding ad campaign: THIS BLOG IS PROBABLY NOT FOR YOU.

If, however, you occasionally wallow in self-pity due to a lack of something on the above list, then please join the community on this blog! If you are sitting in front of your computer with a glass of wine to the right, and a bar of dark chocolate to the left, having just Google searched “Turning Thirty Life Crisis” (after looking at an unhealthy amount of Facebook wedding announcements and baby photos), then THIS BLOG IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU–but, please watch this hilarious Daily Show skit starring Kristen Schaal before you venture any further (because it will make you laugh, and you need to laugh before you pour another glass of wine).

“Mary Smart” Dewy Adorable Days Gone By

For all you athletes out there: don’t forget that our endurance is beginning to peak! Here’s a link to a Women’s Health article explaining why your thirties are a great time to kick ass as an athlete, and here is a Men’s Health article claiming pretty much the same thing. I’m taking up mountain bike racing this year. What are you going to try? Here’s to another decade of figuring our shit out! Whatever that means.

Muddy, after my first mountain bike race!



  1. Maggie

    I’d like to see a bigger picture of your muddy mountain bike after the 24-hour race! (I click it and nothing happens) Yay, Chase! Way to kick ass!

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