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Do What You Love (but make sure to get a part-time job too)

A lot of Millennials figured this out before I did. If you really want to “do what you love” for employment–or, at least do something that relates to your frivolous liberal arts degree–you should also find a part-time job that will help pay off your student loans. Take, for example, my childhood best friend whose full-time

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Why didn’t we vote?

Dear Millennials, Why didn’t we vote in this last midterm election? Was it really voter apathy? Was it because we are so entitled, and full of ourselves, that we didn’t believe any of the candidates spoke to the issues that we find important? That’s what this Salon piece claims. Or, was it because of voter suppression,

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My First 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race

I bailed on a climbing trip to compete in a 24 hour mountain bike race over Halloween weekend. My friends thought I was nuts. While they climbed–in costume–at Indian Creek, I raced solo in 25 Hours in Frog Hollow. I showed up to the race by myself, not knowing a single person there. I felt

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