Training Update: Replacing “should” with “I get to”

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Arizona Trail Race training update

The AZT 800 bikepacking race crosses the Grand Canyon (you strap your bike to your back for the hike down and back up) which means I get to work in a lot of adventure-style cross training. Look at me go with the way I phrased that! Not “have to” or “should” or “it would be good for me.” I’m shifting my mindset which means I get to train for the Grand Canyon crossing.

Shifting my mindset is part of my new training plan. I am revising my approach to writing to-do lists by inserting something I like doing along with each task. Not after the task, because my brain likes to trick me when it comes to rewards, which means I will just eat the piece of chocolate and not actually do the task. This week, I practiced my new to-do system really well. I had “clean bathroom and daydream about all the things you want to do this summer,” “one hour spin and envision yourself crushing the AZT,” “hang laundry while listening to music,” and “comment on student posts while watching AZT Trail Race and Colorado Trail Race YouTube Videos.”

Yesterday, I got some good training in for the Grand Canyon crossing by heading out with friends down Christopher Creek Canyon in the Tonto National Forest.

I’m now off to bike to the Black Lives Matter protest downtown. Having a place to be really helps hold me accountable in getting out the door and onto my bike.

Canyon exploring for mind, body, and soul.

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