Hello! I’m an ultra-endurance athlete named Chase. I hated my name as a kid, but as an adult, I learned to appreciate it for defining what made me tick: chasing big adventures by bike, foot, and packraft. Defined, past tense, I guess I should say. I won the National Ultra Endurance mountain bike series last year (100 Mile Women’s Pro), went on some big adventures, and even got promoted to Senior Lecturer at Northern Arizona University. Then, things got really weird. I’ve heard from a lot of people COVID amplified everything in their lives they were already struggling with; this is no doubt what happened to me as well.

This blog is both a memoir of my comeback and a resource on soul searching inspired by outdoor adventure.

A memoir of an ultra-endurance athlete digging herself out of a giant life rut. As I dig myself out, I’ll test-drive theories on self-efficacy, resilience, and empowerment,

A resource for planning budget-friendly and transformative outdoor adventures. As I claw my way out of this rut, I’ll reflect on my experiencenas an outdoor educator, chat with a variety of athletes, and turn what I dig up into easy-to-read tips.

If you have also lost your footing, or are simply interested in learning more about yourself through outdoor adventure, I hope you will join me in this journey. Long miles roaming outside have been my go-to coping mechanism since I was 15, which is to say I am confident in the transformative power of outdoor experiences.

For motivation, I set the 800-mile Arizona Trail Race in October as my goal, and like every interesting challenge, it is already riddled with uncertainty. In June, only a few weeks after committing to racing the AZT, large sections of the trail were destroyed by forest fire. To encourage forward movement into the unknown—life during a pandemic, unemployment amidst a recession, and training for a race that has gone up in flames—I’ve structured each day of the week around a theme.

As my favorite expedition buddy says: We’ve got this. Let’s do this. Step by step. Day by day.

  • Monday Training Updates & Inspiration
  • Tuesday Technical Tips for Outdoor Adventures
  • Wednesday Dear Generation Z / Ask Chase — On Wednesdays, I answer questions from my little brother, and my former students, about camping, training, and getting after it outdoors. Sometimes, I turn the table on them and ask for life advice.
  • Thursday Adventure Education, Transformation, & Resilience — On Thursdays, I share advice from endurance coaches, self-empowerment gurus, friends, & fellow athletes.
  • Friday Outdoor Chef / Food for Thought Friday — I stoped cooking, and sometimes eating, for three months. On Fridays, I find inspiration for food again by cooking backcountry meals & sharing tried and true recipes from my past adventures.
  • Saturday-Sunday Book & Podcast Reviews

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