Dear Mountain Biker Dude

Tip #1: When you are standing on the trail, and a rider approaches, the polite thing to do is move out of the way – even if the rider is a girl.

Why did I create this message?

To hold us accountable. Something in our lives – perhaps education, money, parents, or the communities we were raised in – has positioned us to choose a sport that is not only super fun and bad ass, but also healthy and arguably better for the environment than many other activities. Riding bikes is a privilege. Of course, most of us work really hard to be able to ride our bikes – our work weeks are long, our jobs are stressful, our time off is rarely spent with our feet up on the couch. We also make sacrifices to ride our bikes: we ride bikes instead of saving up to buy a house, we ride bikes instead of nice new cars, and we ride bikes instead of making more babies. I mean, after all, this is the United States of America – not one of those European countries with socialized medicine and 30-hour work weeks. Something in our lives has given us the opportunity to choose biking as our recreation of choice. So let’s be grateful for that. Let’s show off our gratitude by being nice to each other out on the trail. The goal of “How to not be an Asshole on a Bike” is to highlight those instances when we forget to be grateful for our privilege and act like entitled assholes to each other or to the land. Let’s work together to learn from those occasional asshole moments.

I promise to own up to my competitive side gets the best of me, too.


  1. Forest Green

    How about your next video teaches these assholes the trail courtesy triangle because we other trail users are sick of being pushed off the trail, buzzed by with no warning, listening to whining because WE didn’t get out of the way. Just remember. It only takes a few public complaints to get you assholes completely banned from the trails.

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