Start Strength Training (even if you are worried about being embarrassed)

I have a really good “uncoordinated girl eats shit during workout class” story. It’s particularly funny because I started going to strength-specific workout classes to make myself feel better about turning thirty. Causing a scene–and needing to be rescued by the instructor–definitely made me feel worse about turning thirty. But the embarrassment only lasted a few days!

Before I dive into the story: strength and resistance training improves mental health! And if you are having an “Oh Shit, I’m Thirty-ish” freak out, any sort of mental health help is a good idea. Here are a few studies explaining how strength training can make you happier: “Psychological Aspects of Strength Training” “Resistance Training Improves Mental Health” “Resistance Training”

I fell off a treadmill, with a giant weight strapped around my waist, during my third week of consistent strength training. Because of the weight, I couldn’t get up. The kind man running the workout had to pull me off of the treadmill. If someone had caught it on camera, it would have instantly gone viral on YouTube. But since a video of my incident doesn’t exist, please try to imagine the poor people in the video bellow flopping like breached whales after their falls. 

I’m happy to tell you that my pride persevered after my treadmill incident, and I didn’t quit going to the strength workouts. I’m psyched on my stronger arms, firmer stomach and giant quads–for the obvious (and incredibly shallow) reasons. My mental health is doing alright too. Just ask my dog.

bloody knee
The giant wound on my knee from the treadmill incident. Since it happened over the summer, it was really hard for me to hide evidence. I also have two big scars on my ankles.

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